Top 10 Modern Wedding Venues in Dallas-Fort Worth

The Hillside Estate

Cross Roads, Texas (North DFW)

  • Overall style: Modern / French-inspired
  • Outdoor + indoor options
  • Capacity – Up to 300 guests 
  • Google – Average review 4.4 out of 5 stars (101 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review 5.0 out of 5 stars (22 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider TipThe Hillside Estate offers a picturesque backdrop with its stunning landscape and elegant architecture, perfect for couples seeking a romantic and timeless setting for their special day. With customizable indoor and outdoor spaces, my tip for soon-to-be-couples is to make use of the venue’s versatility to create a personalized experience that reflects their unique love story.

The Hillside Estate, located 10 minutes east of Denton and 30 minutes north of Dallas, presents a stunning choice for your wedding with its French-inspired luxury and expansive 17,000 square foot estate set on 16 acres of picturesque hillsides. Offering a white-glove experience from beginning to end, it’s distinguished by its scenic views (enjoying a lovely position at the north end of Lewisville Lake), privacy, and top-notch service, ensuring your special day is both memorable and exquisite. This venue combines elegance with an unforgettable experience, making it an ideal location to celebrate your most cherished moments. 

The Carlisle Room

Dallas, Texas (Downtown)

  • Overall style: Modern / Art Deco
  • Indoor only
  • Capacity – Up to 200 guests in the private ceremony room, and up to 250 in the ballroom 
  • Google – Average review 4.6 out of 5 stars (76 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review 4.9 out of 5 stars (45 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider TipAs a veteran wedding planner, I can attest that The Carlisle Room offers a perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a luxurious yet versatile wedding venue. My top tip for couples considering this venue is to explore its customizable options and impeccable service, ensuring every aspect of their special day is tailored to perfection and exceeds their expectations.

The Carlisle Room in downtown Dallas offers a blend of classic elegance and modern luxury, making it an exquisite choice for your wedding. Located in the historic Lone Star Gas building, this venue boasts a rich Art Deco style with its 17-foot ceilings, original marble walls, and terrazzo floors across a spacious 5,500 square feet. It combines the grandeur of the past with contemporary sophistication, perfect for a memorable celebration in the heart of the city. 

Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas, Texas (Downtown)

  • Overall style: Modern
  • Indoor and outdoor venue 
  • Capacity – 30-200 person capacity depending on package
  • Google – Average review 4.5 out of 5 stars (1,546 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider Tip – The Nasher Sculpture Center offers a truly unique and artistic backdrop for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience. With its stunning outdoor garden space and world-class sculpture collection, I advise couples to capitalize on the venue’s natural beauty by incorporating minimalist decor that complements rather than competes with the surroundings, and to plan for ample time to explore and utilize the picturesque settings for both ceremony and reception.

Monumental works of art. Grandiose sculptures. The work of modern masters all around you. Got bold ideas for decor? Don’t worry – The Nasher Sculpture Center has you already covered. A unique and artistic setting for weddings in the heart of Dallas, near Klyde Warren Park, this venue is known for its stunning architecture and an impressive collection of modern and contemporary sculptures. Every selfie feels museum-worthy. Ideal for couples seeking a blend of art, culture, and beauty on their special day, the Nasher Sculpture Center promises a memorable wedding experience. Perfect for those who want their special day to have that extra wow factor. 

Knotting Hill Place

Little Elm, Texas (North DFW)

  • Overall style: Contemporary / Revival
  • Indoor and outdoor venue 
  • Capacity – Up to 300 guests
  • Google – Average review 4.7 out of 5 stars (424 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review 4.9 out of 5 stars (143 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider Tip – I am thrilled to recommend Knotting Hill Place to couples seeking a luxurious and versatile venue. Its elegant ballrooms, exquisite outdoor spaces, and impeccable amenities make it perfect for couples aiming for a sophisticated yet personalized wedding celebration. My top tips for soon-to-be-couples considering this venue are to leverage its stunning landscape for memorable outdoor ceremonies and to explore the venue’s customizable options to tailor every aspect of their special day to reflect their unique style and preferences.

The absolute definition of effortless luxury: Knotting Hill Place, located near Lewisville Lake, features a jaw-dropping event lawn, ballroom, cathedral, patios, and courtyards that will have you feeling like the keys to the castle are in your hands. There is so much space to work with on this modern, palatial estate – from the chandelier-adorned entry space to the grand ballroom with a retractable glass wall that leads guests to a lovely outdoor patio, to all of the courtyards and outdoor spaces. Their event lawn features multiple gazebos and gardens for guests to meander through. You and your partner even get premium rooms to get ready in: the Regal Room offers a pool table and poker table to loosen things up before the big day, and the Royal Room features an actual salon with LED mirrors. 

Sapphire Banquet Hall

Euless, Texas

  • Overall style: Modern
  • Indoor venue w/ various room sizes
  • Capacity – Wide range of 50-1,000 guests
  • Google – Average review 4.1 out of 5 stars (110 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review 4.1 out of 5 stars (9 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider TipSapphire Banquet is an opulent venue with state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable service, ensuring a luxurious and memorable wedding experience for couples and guests alike. For soon-to-be couples considering this venue, I recommend prioritizing early communication with the venue’s event team to secure desired dates and explore the extensive array of customizable decor options, ensuring every detail reflects their unique style and vision.

If you have a specific vision for your wedding and need a very flexible space to allow you to achieve that, the Sapphire Banquet Hall is the place for you. Wedding parties can utilize their own licensed caterer if they choose – where many other venues only offer a smaller range of catering options that you have to package into your wedding. Not to mention, it’s hard to find a wedding venue in DFW that can hold up to 1,000 guests – that high capacity is a huge selling point, but Sapphire offers many different sized rooms to fit your exact needs. Bridal and groom rooms, colored lighting packages, retractable projection screens, a stage platform and many other available features give you exactly what you need to nail the details. Testimonials point out how great the venue staff is and how well taken care of the facilities are – so be sure to add this one to your list today!

Anchora Event Center

Mansfield, Texas (Historic Downtown)

  • Overall style: Modern / Boutique
  • Indoor and outdoor venue 
  • Capacity – up to 175 guests
  • Google – Average review 4.9 out of 5 stars (23 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider Tip – I find Anchora Event Center to be a versatile and spacious venue, ideal for couples with varying guest counts and diverse wedding visions. To make the most of this venue, I suggest leveraging its customizable layout by opting for flexible seating arrangements and utilizing the ample space for creative ceremony and reception setups that reflect the couple’s unique style and preferences.

Anchora Event Center in historic downtown Mansfield boasts high quality staff, a great location, and package options that are sure to reduce your stress on the day-of and help you enjoy your big day. Custom signage to greet guests, an outside pergola with lights that make a perfect selfie destination, and a bridal house and groom’s suite are all included in wedding rentals. The venue has up to 4 white modern bars for guests, staffed by their exclusive partners for bartending, mixed drinks, and premium wine. Not to mention, a dedicated catering room helps keep the dancefloor clear and keeps people from bumping shoulders as they work the room. 30 elegant, white cocktail tables are included in their packages also. If you need a premium location on the south side of the metroplex, Anchora is right here for you!

The Venue

Dallas, Texas (Downtown)

Imagine getting married and walking out to a rooftop in downtown Dallas, the city lights fading as the night sets in, and taking in the fresh air and views with your loved ones. Rooftop venues are a special treat! The US Post Office and Courthouse here, built in 1929, was renovated in 2007 and now as an event space it takes on all of that same warmth and welcome that the previous architecture afforded it. In that way, this venue could be described as updated modern vibes set within historic roots – with the appeal of a downtown rooftop to boot. 

Brighton Abbey

Aubrey, Texas (North DFW)

  • Overall style: Timeless / European
  • Indoor and outdoor ceremony options 
  • Capacity – Up to 175 guests
  • Google – Average review 4.2 out of 5 stars (223 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review of 4.7 out of 5 stars (41 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider Tip – Brighton Abbey stands out for its elegant historic charm and versatile event spaces, including a stunning chapel and spacious reception hall. I advise couples to leverage the venue’s timeless beauty by incorporating classic elements into their decor while also considering the ample natural light for daytime events and the romantic ambiance created by candlelight for evening celebrations.

Brighton Abbey is a sister venue of Knotting Hill Place, who also made our list, and they bring a similar estate-style wedding venue experience that spares no luxurious touch and detail. Brighton Abbey’s key feature is its glass-walled chapel, which gives your wedding an outdoors vibe without having to worry about a rain plan. But if you’re really all-in on the outdoors, their garden ceremonies are a perfect option that can lead into the ballroom for reception. 

The Olana

Hickory Creek, Texas

  • Overall style: Elegant / Baroque-Inspired
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces on 40 acres
  • Capacity – up to 300 guests
  • Google – Average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars (308 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • The KnotAverage review of 4.5 out of 5 stars (70 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider TipThe Olana Hickory Creek as a premier wedding venue, boasting breathtaking architecture, lush gardens, and picturesque water features that create an enchanting backdrop for any celebration. For couples considering this venue, I suggest embracing its grandeur by incorporating elegant and timeless decor elements, while also leveraging the venue’s versatile indoor and outdoor spaces to curate seamless transitions between ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

One more venue on Lewisville Lake made our list: The Olana, in Hickory Creek only 20 minutes drive north of DFW Airport. Sitting on 40 acres of land, this venue is a self-described “European-style mansion” pays homage to the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Paris. Baroque architecture, a huge event lawn, marble floors, a gold-plated elevator: getting married at the Olana is sure to be a dream come true. Their wedding packages include weather plans, catering packages, fine china and glassware – every detail covered – and optional add-ons like photo booths and floral arrangements. Your forever photos may have kids and grandchildren wondering why you flew all the way to a Parisian mansion to tie the knot – and you’ll simply smile and tell them you did it right here in DFW at The Olana.

Hall of Lights

Carrollton, Texas

  • Overall style: Modern / Refined
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Capacity – up to 300 guests
  • Google – Average review of 4.3 out of 5 stars (18 reviews as of Spring 2024)
  • Katelynn’s Insider Tip – As an expert wedding planner, I find the Hall of Light’s stunning architectural design and versatile event spaces to be its most alluring features, offering couples endless possibilities for creating a truly memorable wedding experience. My top tips for those considering this venue are to embrace its unique lighting features to enhance the atmosphere and spend ample time making use of the highly modern design for unique photos that will last a lifetime.

Located just north of Dallas in Carrollton, near the corner of the Dallas North Tollway and George Bush Turnpike, the Hall of Lights offers you a perfect blend of old and new – modern and contemporary cool tones next to a 7th century Armenian church replica. The minimalist and modern design with neutral color palettes really allows your design choices to stand out. Upscale features include a commercial kitchen with exclusive caterer, floor-to-ceiling glass walls covered patio area, and amphitheater that holds up to 300 guests. To learn more about this stunning venue, visit their website.